Hey friends, 

Let's cut to the chase. Why do I love bandanas?

1. Anyone can wear a bandana. Literally one size fits all. 
2. They are a conversation starter - especially unique designs like ours. Everyone loves the bright colours and happy vibes.
3. It's an easy add on to make any outfit fun and party ready!
4. I sweat like Ryan Seacrest watching Brokeback Mountain. Cotton stops that sunscreen sweat that gets in your eyes and stings like a b*tch at festivals.
5. They keep my hair out of your eyes, which is great for gym, sport, cycling etc...
6. There are 100 different uses for them. Whether it be in your hair, around your wrist or neck, in your pocket or as a blindfold... even... (Do you know the history of flagging? You should check it out.)
7. TEAM SPIRIT. I love it when I'm at a music festival and all of us have matching bandanas; it makes me feel proud to be part of my little group.
8. Dogs love them too (and who doesn't love dogs). If you're a cat person, try it on your cat? I don't know.
Why buy a  bandana other than the fact that you will look and feel amazing? 

Well, for every bandana sold, BANDANABOY donate 10% of profits to mental health charities, particularly focused around supporting the LGBTQI+ communities around the world.
1. Our bandana designs are made to stand out. With the brightest colours and uniquely colourful designs, you'll look and feel fab and fun.
2. They're a little bigger than the average Joe Paisley, at 57x57cm (22.4"x22.4").
3. They're made from 100% breathable, soft cotton.
4. They're good for your head, in more ways than one (see above).
5. They're cheeky AF.

 Thank you so much for your continued support, I hope you find something that you love. If you have any questions or feedback, it would be great to hear from you!
Feel free to contact me at: