Hey everyone - Jacob here!

I love a bandana. Here's why-

1. I love music festivals and partying, but I sweat like hell. Cotton stops that sunscreen sweat that gets in your eyes and stings like a b*tch.

2. They are a conversation starter - especially unique designs.

3. They keep my hair out of my eyes, which is great for sport, dancing, cycling etc...

4. You can wear them with pretty much anything. Whether it be in your hair, around your wrist or neck, in your pocket or even as a pocket square.

5. Team spirit. I love it when I'm at a music festival and all of us have matching bandanas; it makes me feel proud to be part of my little group.

6. Dogs love them too (and I love dogs).


One day mid 2019, whilst throwing yet another one of my ruined old paisley bandanas in the bin, I thought, why can't there be something better? Something a little more durable and a bit bigger with a design that will make people look twice.

This is when I decided to create the Mandana. No, not a bandana for men - 

Bandanas for everyone, with something for anyone.

Turns out people share my love for bandanas, and we are now selling to all corners of the world!

A Mandana is all about maximum fun. I want everyone to feel good when they wear one, and I want people to come up to you and say: 

           'Sweet bandana, where did you get it?'
           'Wtf is that on your bandana!?'

Thanks so much for your support, and I hope you find something that you love. 

If you have any questions or feedback, it would be great to hear from you! Feel free to contact me at: mandanaofficial@gmail.com

J x